Contact Shelley for booking the following music:  Shelley James musicbox (80s pop), Satin Love Orchestra (70s disco/funk), Shelley & Cal (the songbook from all around the world), Agents of Unity (classic & contemporary rock/pop/country).  e-mail sj@shelleyjames.com, or call 541-579-0246

August  25       Shelley & Callan at Cafe 440 – Heart and Soul Nights.  Raising money for charity while we all gather to enjoy music and food. 7-9 pm    Bring family, friends, kids, all are gladly welcome!       

Call 541-505-8493 to make reservations


“Shelley & Cal reach deep into their diverse musical quiver and shoot sonic arrows into every music lover’s heart and offer something special for everyone.” -newreleasetuesday.com